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Pupil Leadership Team (PLT)

Upwell Academy has an active Pupil Leadership team to ensure that ‘The Children’s Voice’ is represented in school policies and practices.

Each class from years one to six democratically elects two school council members each year. Year six members take on the roles of chairperson and secretary following applications and presentations for the Head and Deputy roles. All pupils then elect four pupils to lead the PLT. Please scroll down to the documents below to see what we have been up to.

Pupil Leadership Team (PLT) Heads Contract 2023-24 

As members of Upwell Academy's PLT, we have been elected by the children at Upwell Academy and we will strive to be the best role models that we can by: 

  • Always demonstrating our Academy Values  
  • Showing commitments to our education and giving 100% effort towards presentation, independence and in completing home learning tasks 

  • Being kind, helping others and taking care of our resources 

  • Having good attendance so that we are able to achieve our full potential and children can rely on us and they can find us if needed

  • Showing respect for the environment, including energy conservation 

  • Showing strong Leadership skills in all aspects of Academy life

Roles we will undertake will include:  

  • Meeting every half term with Miss Payne to further develop, discuss the PLT role 

  • Showing visitors around the Academy as requested by the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) 

  • Taking an active role and supporting staff during assemblies  

  • Choosing a weekly PLT award which will be agreed by all of PLT and shared with Miss Ellington on a Thursday 

  • Leading a House Team during Sports Day 

  • Any additional responsibilities requested by SLT