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Our Academy

About our academy

At Upwell Academy we value our pupils equally and their ideas are respected. Their feelings of self-worth are generated by teachers who quietly offer advice, encouragement and praise. We feel that all children should have equal access to the resources and opportunities available in the academy.

The lessons taught at the academy contribute to the pupils emotional, physical, intellectual, social and spiritual growth, which will progress at the right pace for each child.

Our values

Upwell Academy takes pride in being a happy and successful academy based on our principles:

  • ENJOYING learning opportunities which are exciting and engaging
  • EMPOWERING children to learn and have new experiences
  • MOTIVATING children to try new challenges and to challenge themselves on a daily basis
  • CARING about themselves and others, respecting differences and celebrating diversity
  • ASPIRING to be the best versions of themselves and to aim high in all that they do
  • TRANSFORMING the lives of our learners through a positive educational experience and the skills they acquire

Our history

Upwell Academy is a non-denominational academy sponsored by Eastern Multi-Academy Trust, providing education for approximately 200 children aged 4 to 11 in Upwell and the surrounding areas.

The school was built in 1878 and the original school house still provides the academy with an entrance lobby, offices and staff room. A new hall was completed in 2006 while the existing hall was converted to a classroom and library area. A mobile classroom was removed, creating a larger play area, and the Bramley Room was refurbished to accommodate our Breakfast Club. Most recently, 2 additional classrooms provide a superb learning environment for upper Key Stage 2.

The academy has its own playing field and two garden areas to support the curriculum.