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Junior Duke Award

What is the Junior Duke Award?

Junior Dukes is an award scheme inspired by the Duke of Edinburgh Award and aimed at primary children that encourages the development of valuable life skills. There are seven levels:

  • Micro Duke (Year Rec)
  • Silver Mini Duke (Year 1)
  • Gold Mini Duke (Year 2)
  • Bronze Junior Duke (Year 3)
  • Silver Junior Duke (Year 4)
  • Gold Junior Duke (Year 5)
  • Platinum Junior Duke (Year 6)

What experiences are children involved in as a result?
Each of the levels contains ten challenges. In order to complete a level, children need to complete seven of these challenges successfully. Challenges include mastering skills such as first aid, ICT, art, drama, music, sport, cookery, amongst a variety of other experiences. Children will be required to complete the challenges outside of school with help from friends and family, although support will be given in school where needed.

How does the Junior Duke benefit our children?
The skills gained through taking part in the Duke awards are valuable for our children both in school and in later life. Children gain confidence, independence, resilience and adaptability when embarking on the challenges within each level. By taking part in the Duke awards, children become better equipped to deal with everyday challenges. Children love to do things without help. They simply need the time and space to explore, learn from their mistakes and to learn to be safe.

How can you get involved? 

This year we are rolling this project out to Year 5 only. If successful, we will consider involving additional groups next year. At the beginning of the year, the Junior Duke lead teacher, Mr Miller, launched the awards via class assembly. During this time, children are exposed to the content and structure of the awards and an insight into what sorts of experiences they might be involved in. 

There is a cost of £10.50 per child which covers the cost of the booklet, certificate and badge and both the Edith Blunt Trust and FOSA have supported the project for Year 5 to participate this year.


Each booklet outlines the ten challenges which need to be completed.

There is a writing element to each of the challenges and a page for inserting photographic evidence. Upon completion of a challenge, children take their booklet to their “Duke Leader”, who will sign it off. Once seven challenges have been completed and signed off, they will have completed the level. Upon completing a level, a certificate and a badge are awarded during assembly.

For more information on the Awards visit the Junior Duke website.