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Governance and Trustees

Upwell Academy is part of the Eastern Multi-Academy Trust and the Academies and their Governing Body are responsible to the Trust's Board of Directors. The Trust's Trustees can be found here.

Annual Reports and Accounts

Annual reports and accounts for Upwell Academy and Eastern Multi-Academy Trust can be found here.

Generally, Academy Committee members meet at Upwell Academy and their attendance records can be found here.

Our register of business and pecuniary interests can be found here.

Academy Committee Members

Upwell Academy’s governing body, now known as the Academy Committee, is an integral part of the school. Its role is a strategic one, acting as a critical friend and ensuring accountability. In short, local ears and eyes, which will provide support and challenge to the Principal and our team in delivering the best outcomes possible for our children.

The Academy Committee is composed of Trust representatives, two Elected Parent representatives, as well as Trust-members (generally local people) - all bringing enthusiasm & experience alongside a range of expertise and skills.

Academy Committee members visit the school, meet regularly across the school year and undertake a wide range of training in order to fulfil their responsibilities.


Val Cook – Chair of the Academy Committee
Trust Appointed & SEND Committee Member. After 30 years as a Headteacher, involving five headships in 3 countries, I am delighted to return to Upwell and have the opportunity to utilise my experience as an Academy Council member. I have a particular interest in Special Educational Needs and a passionate belief in supporting all our youngsters to achieve the best they can be.


Mark Creswell – School Improvement Director

I have worked across a range of schools in East Anglia for over 30 years; ranging from Secondary, Middle, Primary, First and Alternative Provision. I have worked as a Senior Leader or Head Teacher since 2000, leading schools through a variety of Section 5 and Section 8 Ofsted inspections, where my leadership was often highlighted for its positive impact.


Teresa Ellington – Principal
I attended Upwell myself and thrived here. I love everything about working in the heart of the Upwell Community. I have lived and worked in Norfolk for over 30 years in different primary schools, both teaching and as a senior leader and Deputy Principal. I believe strongly that we should provide the best opportunities that we possibly can for all pupils who attend Upwell and our Local Academy Committee supports and challenges us to achieve this.


 Paul Hartley – Elected Parent Committee Member

As a past pupil of Upwell, I was keen to get involved as a parent governor and make a difference as my two children progress through the school. I am keen to get involved in all aspects of the curriculum, as a farmer myself, it would be great to get the students' hands dirty by potentially running yearly farm visits to show students the journey of food from farm to folk. I look forward to working with everyone at Upwell Academy. 


Sharon Scott – Clerk to the Academy Committee





Raine Thorrold - Trust-Appointed Member 

I am a retired primary teacher, with more than 35 years working with children in both voluntary and professional capacity, ranging from nursery through to year 6. I have lived in Upwell for 14 years and am coordinator for St Peter’s Messy Church. As a new Academy Committee member, I have a strong aspiration for all young people of the Academy to reach their full potential.


 Benjamin Tea – Elected Parent Committee Member

Having attended Upwell myself, I was extremely proud knowing my son Harry would begin his learning journey at a school I have fond memories of. The layout may have changed in 30 years, but the community the school creates is still extremely valuable to the wider area. Working as an Agronomist in Agri-Science, I'm keen to demonstrate the benefits of STEM subjects as part of the wider curriculum and hope to contribute in other areas of the school to help develop green spaces to showcase the environment and sustainability.  I look forward to the opportunity to contribute to the academy and the wider trust as a parent governor.