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Weekly Update 25/11/22

Weekly Update 25th November 2022

Year R   

We have continued our topic of the Earth and beyond and this week our text was ‘Bob the man in the moon’. Bob even wrote us a letter and asked us questions and he even left us his book. On Friday we received another message and he flew over us on his way to work. This week we have written letters to Bob, thought of and written descriptive words about the moon and written invitations to a moon picnic. In maths we have been continuing to focus on more and fewer than and we have also been making 5 in different ways, using our ‘stem’ sentences. We learnt 3 new sounds in phonics - ‘y - down a horn, up a horn and under his chin’, ‘w - down up, down up the wiggly worm’ and ‘th - thank you said the princess to the horse’.  

In art we have been painting what the world would look like from the moon and we paid particular attention to how much water covers the Earth. We also created our own rockets with a section for each letter of our name. You can see some of these on display in the classroom at the ‘Reading Subject Showcase’ on Monday. For part of our science and history, we watched the moon landing from 1969 and then we designed our own flags that we would put on the moon. The design had to include pictures of the things that are important to us. What an amazingly busy and productive week. Well done Kerr Class, have a wonderful weekend!  


Year 1  

Wow, where has this week gone? 

We have been extremely busy in Year 1. We have been learning about different sentence types in English ready to write our own non-chronological reports. We have been looking at when to use question marks, full stops, and exclamation marks. In Maths we have been learning different ways to find number bonds to 10. We have explored using resources such as cubes, dice face, and our fingers. We have also explored how we can use these number bonds to solve addition and subtraction problems. This week in Art we created a large-scale piece inspired by Miro. We used black pens to create lines and shapes like Miro and then painted with the primary colours. 

Mrs Geran has handed out many special stickers for reading 10 times at home this week! Please keep reading as often as possible. I will upload homework shortly. 

We have added a few more songs to our Nativity if you are able to practise – the first verse of ‘Merry Christmas Everyone’, ‘Little Donkey’, and the first verse and chorus of Take That’s ‘Shine’. Please keep practising the words at home and presenting them confidently. Please bring your lines in to school each day as well so that we can practise them here too. 

Have a lovely weekend! 


Year 2

This week we have continued our work on animal poetry specifically looking at rhyme and alliteration. We have been securing the column method for addition and subtraction as you know and have made excellent progress! We will move onto shape next week before looking at money. In science we have started our Astronomy work, learning the names of the 8 planets in our solar system and discussing what each one is like. 

In PSHE we looked at setting ourselves goals and how we might achieve them. The children revealed that they have a variety of goals from getting 10 out of 10 in their spellings to being a fireman and using their powerful muscles! All understood that practice and perseverance was needed to achieve their goals. 

In RE this week, we have learnt about Shabbat. This is a weekly celebration, from Friday night to Saturday night, when Jewish families share a special meal and rest from work.  The children liked the idea of not having to do homework on a Saturday! 

Some of us also watched England play and the rest of us had a crafty afternoon making a start on our space display for class. 

Keep up the great home learning, it really is having a positive impact in class and keep on reading to make your way up the Reading at Home Mountain. I wonder who will get the reward this week? Just a reminder that if you missed the reading Subject Showcase on Monday morning that there is another opportunity this Monday afternoon to see what reading looks like across the school. We look forward to welcoming more of you.  


Year 3 

We have continued our work on traditional stories this week by looking at the features of playscripts and we have taken on roles in various different traditional tales. We have been learning the multiplication and division facts for the four times table. In science we have found out examples of some animals that migrate and looked at the different reasons for migration. We have been busy painting pasta in art ready for making Egyptian neck collars with next week. We had lots of fun with this but I think some of us had more paint on our hands than on the pasta! We have been learning about the rivers of Asia in geography and we compared the Indus Valley civilisation to The Ancient Egyptian civilisation. In PSHE this week we have been thinking about how we are connected to others in our community and considering the relationships that we have that are important to us. Some of us also watched England play and the rest of us had a crafty afternoon making a start on our Christmas decorations and calendars.  

Just a reminder that if you missed the reading Subject Showcase on Monday morning that there is another opportunity on Monday afternoon to see what reading looks like across the school. 


Year 4 

We really enjoyed seeing some parents and carers on Monday morning. We showed how we use our reading skills of finding information and making predictions with reasons. In English we have been learning about the story of Macbeth. We have been thinking about why he acted in the way he did. We have started thinking about why the witches acted as they did. We have been multiplying and dividing by 0, 1, 10 and 100. We know not to say ‘add a zero’ because this doesn’t work with decimals. In History we met Julius Caesar and found out why he is remembered today. He was a great general, listened to the people of Rome and was the first person to have their portrait on a coin. We listened to the story of how the Giant’s Causeway was made in Geography – and then found that it is made from volcanic rock. Mrs Bull needed our help to find out how to play Quidditch. We really enjoyed this. We are also enjoying playing dodgeball after school on Fridays.  

Scarlett and Autumn 

Year 5 

This week has certainly flown by! This week we have been writing letters in English from Jim to his friend, Shrimps (Street Child). In our letters, we have been expressing how pleased Jim is feeling to have made a true friend, who is like a brother to him and has also had a tough life so far! In maths, we have been revising short division (bus stop method) and have also started learning about equivalent fractions. Again, out times tables are proving to be extremely valuable when working with equivalent fractions! In geography, we learned about the Andes, Rockies and Appalachian Mountains. It was interesting to compare and contrast these mountain ranges! Over the past two days, we have also been taking part in a technology tournament. Our challenge was to build a tower to hold a funnel, collect dirty water and filter it. There were some fantastic, creative ideas and all filters were successful - well done Year 5!  

Here is the link for next week's homework club:  


Thank you again to those that visited our class on Monday and Wednesday morning! 

Have a lovely weekend! 


Year 6 

This week, we have been working hard in Maths on measurement. We are having a break from fractions for a bit, we have revised the units of metric measure, converted them and calculated with them. In English, we have analysed out story Varjak Paw and my WAGOLL Zelda Claw and we have used this to plan our own innovation. In History, we have learnt about the two main groups who fought for women’s suffrage and the difference between them. In PSHE, we have discussed our wellbeing online and the impact of excessive screen time. 

Yesterday and today, we have been lucky enough to take part in the Rotary Club’s annual junior technology tournament again. This year, the competition was based upon a water filtration tower. Well done to all of the children who took part, it didn’t always run smoothly or go to plan but all teams were able to test out their towers.  

Here is the link for next week’s homework club:   

This is a quiet space for children to attend after school in order to complete their homework. As always, I am happy to work with children during the week if they need it too.  

As explained on my post previously, here are the links for the after-school booster sessions next week;  

Maths Booster:  

Mrs Fisher’s reading booster sessions have now finished for the term. 

Please check your parent messages frequently as I will message parents’ directly if I feel it would be beneficial for your child to attend the coming session. 

Have a lovely weekend everyone, thank you for your continued support.