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Weekly Update 06.05.22

Weekly Update 06th May 2022

Year R   

 It has been a super busy week this week in Teddy Class, trying to get ready for our assembly and continuing with our super learning. In English we have been innovating our own version of Rosie's Walk, we had to think of a new setting and two new characters one which was a predator and the other its prey. In maths we have been consolidating positional language and number bonds as well as doubling numbers. In science we have started looking at the importance of a healthy diet and healthy body and in art we drew and then coloured using oil pastels some still life flowers. 

I think you will all agree, they have worked extremely hard and their class assembly was amazing. Thank you all for your continued support! 


Year 1  

We have had a truly fantastic week! 

In Maths this week we have been exploring doubles and dividing by grouping and sharing. In English we are going to write a character and setting description. This week we chose a character and began to think of adjectives and similes to describe it. In History we explored the Stone Age and looked at different cave art. We then used chalk to create our own ‘cave art’ sharing what our lives are like now. These included pictures of Playstations, swimming pools and horse riding. In PE we are having great fun learning how to play golf. This week we looked at using our ‘tick-tock’ swing to hit the ball different distances. 

We had the most wonderful time on our visit to Houghton Hall this week. We spent the morning exploring the walled garden. The garden was full of different plants, fountains and sculptures and lots of mazes to walk through! We used a checklist to find different plants and wildlife. We particularly enjoyed a sculpture by Jeppe Hein called Waterflame. In the afternoon we explored the house gardens. There was a ginormous sculpture in the gardens, Full Moon Circle by Richard Long. We also learned that the house was built for Britain’s first Prime Minister, Robert Walpole, 300 years ago!! 


Year 2 

We have packed so much into this truly fantastic week! 

In Maths this week we have been securing our written methods of calculation alongside practising our measuring skills. In English we have focused on developing our retrieval skills and giving our own opinions of a text. As you know, in History we explored the Viking burial site found at the Academy and analysed the special possessions discovered there. In PSHE we have been discussing what it means to take action and responsibility in situations. Our music has continued at looking at the genre of rock music with our focus piece ‘Rockin’ all over the World’ by Status Quo – plenty of air guitars in class! 

 We had the most amazing time on our visit to Houghton Hall on Wednesday of this week. We spent the morning exploring the sculptures from Richard Long’s exhibition. We had the opportunity to sketch them and to analyse them in detail. We were most fascinated by The White Deer Circle and A Line in Norfolk – two remarkably interesting pieces. Before we left Houghton we also explored the Walled Garden which was full of different plants, fountains, and sculptures and lots of mazes to walk through! We particularly enjoyed a sculpture by Jeppe Hein called Waterflame. We know that Houghton Hall was built for Britain’s first Prime Minister, Robert Walpole, 300 years ago and we were exceptionally lucky to go inside and see the exquisite furnishings, paintings, sculptures, and it’s library!  


Year 3 

We have packed a lot in to a short week, this week. In maths we have been working on equivalent fractions. In English we have been looking at how to correctly use possessive apostrophes. We have also started some work on our class story - James and the Giant Peach. We have looked at the life cycle of a dragonfly to help us to explain incomplete metamorphosis. In PSHE we have been using our Charlie Communication skills to think about how we share our opinions with others. We have learnt how to say our family names in French. In our RE this week we have found out a little more about Muhammed and why he is important to Muslims. In computing we have been looking at how Desktop Publishing programmes can help us to layout information. 
And we have even managed to practise a little for next week's class assembly. Please can you check that the children have learnt their words over the weekend, ready for us to have a full on practice next week. Thank you. 

Year 4 

This week we have been learning how to say what the weather is like in French. Il fait beau means the weather is lovely. We also know how to say it is snowing, raining, it is cold and it is hot. It’s been really fun learning French. Also we have been planning, writing a first draft and editing an ode independently. We have odes to strawberries, ice-cream, cod and many more foods. We remembered to create strong images and use a lot of hyperbole. In maths we have been rounding decimals to the nearest whole number and finding decimals equivalents to fractions. We have found this a bit of a challenge but we’ve all worked really hard to overcome this. In science we have been finding out about the planets in our solar system. We were amazed that Neptune’s year is the same as 165 Earth years!  

We continue to learn our times tables and practice on the sumdog 25 – we are getting quicker – and some of us are getting 25 each time. 

(Sophie and Eva) 

Year 5 

Despite being a shorter week, Year 5 have been just as busy as ever. We have been looking at the use of prefixes and suffixes and have then gone on to incorporate some drama into our English lessons this week. We have been given play script ‘briefs’ where we have had to improvise scenes from Romeo and Juliet to then come up with and record our ideas for dialogue. Next week we will be using this to help us compose our own play scripts! In Maths, we have been learning about different angle types as well as measuring angles using a protractor. In History, we finished our unit on the American Revolution and are excited to move on to the French Revolution shortly. In science, we had a go at drawing and making our own electrical circuits. We also had to spot errors with circuits and explain how we would fix them! 

Please continue to practice your spellings and timestables. Don’t forget that there are some challenges on Sumdog too! 

Year 6 

What a lovely sunny few days it has been. This week we have continued with our revision ready for our SATs next week. The children will be bringing home a letter today with some top tips for test week. I have gone through the letter with the children today and discussed how next week will be. Please take the time to look through the suggestions so that the children can be ready for each day.  

In History this week, we have learnt about the East India Company and its expansion. In Computing, we continued to work on our 3D Modelling skills, designing and creating our own houses. In PSHE we discussed why it is important for leaders to communicate and ask questions. Then this afternoon, the children have continued their hockey skills.  

There are no individual spellings for this week as I would like the children to focus on their assessments, however, please do still practice those key skills – reading and times tables as they will be vital next week. 

Have a lovely weekend everyone.