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Weekly Update 25.03.22

Weekly Update 25th March 2022

Year R   

The children have worked very hard this week, they have been working on some non-fiction writing this week about Australian animals to make their own little books next week. In maths we have been ordering numbers and we had a competition as to who could make the best number line outside using natural things. It was a very close contest. In geography we have learnt about the continents of the world and the states in Australia and we have all decided it is a place we would like to visit....maybe a class trip??? In music we listened to some aborigines playing didgeridoos and then we decorated our own digeridoos and practised the circular breathing to make the special sound. We also continued to revise our set 2 sounds and had record number of readers on Monday, well done everyone. Our red words challenge for next week are:  my, your, are, be. Have a lovely weekend! 

 Year 1  

It has been lovely to have a more typical week this week! In English we have started to plan our own non-chronological reports. We have been researching different nocturnal animals and writing notes to prepare us for writing our reports next week. In Maths we have enjoyed exploring weight and mass. We have been using balance scales and measuring the mass of an object with cubes. In Science this week we thought about what an animal needs to live and grow. We now know they need air, water, food and shelter. In PSHE we explored the feeling of happiness and which things in particular make us feel happy. This ranged from giving a hug to playing at the park or even going to bed! 

Year 2 

On Monday we had a visiting teacher from a local trust school. She commented on how impressed she was with the children's high expectations for reading and writing and how focused Year 2 are during lesson time. Well done! We have spent the week planning, editing and upleveling our second traditional tales – The Three Billy Goats Gruff. In Maths, we continued to identify the properties of 2D shapes and sort them using Venn diagrams.  This week, we have also looked at the time-line of significant events during the Viking period and created our own. In PSHE, we have talked about our families, how we take care of each other and how we celebrate special occasions. We have all Mother’s Day cards to thank you for all of the things you do. Have a fabulous weekend.  

Year 3 

Year 3 have really impressed us this week with their super attitude to their learning and their hard work. In English we have been working on recounts and the children have been writing diary entries as The Oops Dragon. We have continued to work on fractions in maths. In art this week the children have had a go at creating their own picture of Mount Fuji in the style of Hokusai. We have continued to think about healthy eating in PSHE and in our last Healthy Body and Healthy Mind workshop with Joe. As part of our geography work about India we listened to and then retold our own version of Rama and Sita and learned how this relates to the Hindu festival of Diwali. We refined our film making skills to capture our stop-frame animations in computing and to improve on our efforts from last week. We found out what happened to King John’s jewels in history. We know how to give someone’s name in French. We will be finishing our week with PE and some belated science day activities about growing this afternoon. 

Year 4 

In Maths we have been learning about a variety of shapes and their properties. 
English has been interesting - we have been learning to note take and then trying our best to put these notes in persuasive text. 
We are excited to record our podcasts this afternoon and create some art pieces to tie in with our Great Fire of London work which we have been learning about in History. 
In swimming, we have been working really hard at learning new skills - we are so proud of ourselves. 
By Ava and Eva 

Year 5 

Year 5 have spent the week editing and upleveling their suspense stories after having assessed their own work as well as assessing the work of a classmate. We took the opportunity to practice our IT skills by typing up our final copies on the laptops. In Maths, we continued to find percentages of amounts and calculate discounts. We also had a little recap on telling the time! This week, we have also finished our unit in Geography on 'Mountains'. The final mountain ranges that we learned about this week included the Andes, the Appalachians and the Atlas Mountains. Some fabulous information texts were produced! In French, we have been learning about places in town and structuring sentences to talk about where we are going. In Science, we learned about the different types of rocks and how they are formed. 

Year 6 

What a glorious week it has been! Doesn’t the sunshine just make us all feel better?! In English this week, we have continued our GPS revision. In Maths, we have learnt all about ratio, the children have shown fantastic understanding and have really worked hard to challenge themselves this week. In Life Skills, we learnt about safe and appropriate online chatting. In Science, we learnt about the stages from conception to birth. We have even had time to learn some more French, make some Mother’s Day cards and finish our Harry Potter film.  

As you are aware we are entering our final period of preparation for SATs. The children will be bringing home a yellow revision folder today. This contains 10 for 10 (10 minutes for 10 days) activity booklets for reading, GPS and maths for the children to complete over the Easter holidays. Please see the ‘Preparing to Perform’ booklet that has some suggestions for ways to help your child over the next few weeks.  

Have a lovely weekend everyone!