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Weekly Update 04/02/22

Weekly Update 4th February 2022

Year R  

 We have been continuing to learn about ‘The Great Fire of London’, this week we have been writing a diary entry as if we were someone who was there. We started by writing the date, it was strange writing 1666. We also began making some tudor houses, we will continue these next week. In maths we have been learning about 2D shapes, including using vocabulary like vertices and properties. We also started continuing repeating patterns using shapes. On Tuesday we learnt about and celebrated Chinese New Year, we used chop sticks, learnt about the ‘Great Race’, ordinal numbers and made a tiger face from a paper plate. In phonics we have been revising our set two sounds oo- poo at the zoo and oo- look at a book. Well done Teddies! 



Year 1  

In Year 1 this week we have completed some assessments. We completed a Maths, Reading and Writing Assessment. We particularly enjoyed the writing one as we had to write about a new pet monster! In English this week we have been looking at how we can use adjectives and comparisons or similes to develop our descriptive writing. Our school value for this term is ‘Enjoy’ and we have been discussing and writing about the things we enjoy doing both in and out of school. Friday was NSPCC numbers day and we had a wonderful day. We played games such as Snap, Monopoly, Snakes and Ladders, and Dominoes. We didn’t know that we need Maths to play so many games! 



Year 2

 Well done everyone, I am so proud to be able to say I am your teacher - you’ve been superb this week and it’s been so pleasing to teach to you albeit remotely! Above all else, I have been so impressed with your writing. We’ve been focusing on writing extended sentences for our animal fact files – writing about our chosen animal's characteristics, diet and habitat and we will finish these early next week. In maths we have started a unit of work on data collection and have been learning about using tally charts to collect data and we have begun to analyse it too. Next week we will look at pictograms. Today has seen us focus on Maths being fun. Some of the class brought board games from home and so along with number-based activities, suggested by the NSPCC for their Number Day, we have had great fun learning new games and combining fun with times tables, counting and problem-solving using Numicon to create flower beds! Maths can be fun in so many ways! Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 


Year 3 

It has been a rather different week. Who knew that virtual teaching would be just as tiring as being in the classroom! But we have finally made it to Friday. I am so proud of all of the children, they have worked incredibly hard this week and adapted quickly to our different way of working. However, I am really looking forward to being back with them in person next week.  

In maths this week we have started our unit of work on statistics and have been looking at tally charts and pictograms. We have moved on in English to looking at the structure and layout of playscripts ready for writing some of our own next week. It has been assessment week so the children have been busy completing these in the afternoons. Even so, we have still had time to fit in some still life drawing, some drama, some maths games for NSPCC Number Day and of course all of the things that we made and did for Chinese New Year on Tuesday. 

Have a lovely weekend, hopefully we can all stay fit and healthy now and make it through to half term. 

Year 4 

We’ve been doing assessments in English to see how clever we are. Miss Radford can see what we know and what we need to improve. We have continued to read The Night Bus Hero and we have found out that Hector was wrong and he needs to make up for his mistake. In Maths we have been learning about area. We have been counting squares; counting half squares; making shapes and comparing shapes. Today for Number Day we have been making capitals letters using 20 squares and designing area aliens. In Geography we looked at places to visit, including museums, the theatres and the zoo. In RE we thought about what Christians believe about Jesus. In Hockey we were shooting and practicing our other skills.  

(Emily and Charlie) 

Year 5 

This week, Year 5 have shown fantastic resilience as they have been busy completing their assessments in English and Maths. We have two more to complete next week! In English, we have reached the point in Treasure Island where Jim has overheard Long John Silver's plan to take over the ship (the Hispaniola) and steal the treasure for himself. Instead of reading on to find out what happens, we have continued writing the chapter ourselves thinking about what WE think Jim should do next. We are looking forward to completing these story continuations next week! In Maths, we have continued our work on fractions, largely focusing on improper fractions and mixed numbers. We have practiced converting between the two. 

We had an exciting afternoon on Tuesday for Chinese New Year. We created some lovely lanterns and fabulous posters to celebrate the new year. We have also had another exciting afternoon today with it being NSPCC Number Day where we have been taking part in a number of maths-related activities, including lots of board games! 


Year 6 

This week, we have finished our reports on Victorian schools, these are truly a piece of writing that each and every child can be proud of. We are certainly grateful not to be in a Victorian school! In Maths, we have been working hard on percentages, equivalent FDPs and finding percentages of an amount. On Tuesday, we celebrated Chinese New Year, learning a bit more about the Year of the Tiger, creating our own Chinese lanterns and we all received a fortune cookie (thank you Mrs Norman). We have concluded our Resilience unit and thought carefully about ways that we can strengthen our resilience. For NSPCC Number Day today, we played some games of Uno, Gruffalo Board Game, Cards, Chess, Connet 4, as well as practising our times tables and maths skills on some great free apps.  

Please continue to learn those key skills at home – reading, spelling and times tables. They are key skills that underpinned everything we do. 

Have a lovely weekend!