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Weekly Update 21/01/22

Weekly Update 21st January 2022

Year R  

We had a very unusual week in Teddy Class, but a very productive one nonetheless. At the start of the week, we began innovating our own version of the ‘Three Little Pigs’, we had to change the characters in our story and think about the different animals that would be in the same food chain to help them decide their baddy. We have written and illustrated some beautiful stories and I am very proud of them. In maths we have been consolidating our number pairs to 6 and 7. We have been finding different ways of recording the number pairs, counting to the exact number, subitising and writing the numerals. In history we looked at the Queen and what her job is and who is the royal family. Some even made their own family trees. Our new set 2 sounds this week were ‘igh - fly high’ and ‘ow - blow the snow’. In art we looked at some of the many portraits of the Queen and made our own by looking very carefully at some of the portraits the result were outstanding. On top of all this we had to deal with the technical issues of home learning and Mrs Fisher’s robot voice which scared some of us, but luckily with the help of Mrs Brown she sorted it and it went back to her normal. Well done everyone! 

Year 1  

Well, a slightly strange week this week! We were remote learning for 2 days and had to get used to that again! Earlier this week in Maths we were adding within 20 by making 10, and have since moved on to subtracting within 20. In English we have looked at poems about the five senses. We have enjoyed exploring lots of different poems and even writing some of our own verses. In RE we looked at what it is like inside a Christian church, found local churches on Google Maps and discussed times that we have been to church. In Science, we looked at the sense of sight and labelled the different parts of our eyes. Then to end the week we have been busy with home learning! We particularly enjoyed creating an art piece like Miro using lots of different lines and creating our own PE challenge.  

Well done for a wonderful week Year 1! 


Year 2 

It has been another week with changes in Year 2! Back to remote learning for 2 days and we all had to re-learn how to do the technical stuff - however, we’ve shown resilience and had a very productive week nonetheless. At the start of the week, we began gathering research for our Information Texts we’re writing in English. Our focus to know more and remember more about Life in Roman Times. In maths, we have been consolidating our times tables, counting in 2s, 5s, and 10s. Please continue to practise these at home. In History, we researched The Colosseum, an oval amphitheatre in the centre of the city of Rome, Italy. It is the largest ancient amphitheatre ever built, and is still the largest standing amphitheatre in the world today, despite its age. In PSHE we looked at how our feelings can hinder resilience and how we need to try and not let our feelings from keeping on going. This week in RE we continued looking at symbols that represent religions. Following on from last week when we looked at Christianity and the cross as a symbol, this week we focused on Islam, Buddhism, Sikhism and Hinduism – looking at and drawing the symbols that represent these religions from around the world. We continue to practise our handwriting and learning our weekly spellings.  


Well done everyone, have a super weekend! 


Year 3 

What a busy and rather different week! Well done to all of you for rising to the challenge of our unexpected home learning this week. We have now completed our unit of work in maths about multiplication and division. We have been continuing to read a range of traditional stories in English and have been looking at all the rules around how we use and write speech correctly. We will be using all of this knowledge next week to produce some fabulous story writing. We have continued to think about being organised in PSHE and that has certainly helped us over the last couple of days! In computing this week, we continued to think about digital devices and their inputs, processes and outputs. The children then went on to design a digital device of their own and I was really impressed with the ideas that they came up with. Excitingly, we have also started to prepare ourselves to make our own paper in DT. Well done everyone for a super, hard-working week. Have a great weekend and a good rest, I think that we have all definitely earned it this week! 


Year 4 

Well, it’s been another week with changes! Back to remote learning for 2 days and we all had to re-learn how to do the technical stuff. 

This week we have started writing our biographies, after making notes about our chosen person – or pet. We have continued to learn about fractions in maths – this week subtracting from whole numbers and finding fractions of a quantity. We’ve started our science learning on light by finding different sources of light. In Geography we looked at how people travel in London and used the tube map to plan journeys. PE was hockey again, this week learning how to travel with the ball. We are really enjoying our guided reading book – The Night Bus Hero – it's very exciting and the main character is different because he’s mean and a bully.  


Year 5 

This week has certainly kept us on our toes so well done for taking the changes in your stride! Earlier in the week, we finished writing our diary entries from Jim’s point of view where we told the reader about the mysterious visitors at the Admiral Benbow Inn and Billy Bone’s death after having been handed a black spot by a blind beggar. We are very excited to read on and find out what happens next after we have finished editing and uplevelling our diary entries! In Maths, we have been multiplying decimals by whole number and have had to choose whether we should be using long or short multiplication in order to help us solve a number of calculations. In Science, we have been learning about mass, volume, and density. We even did a little experiment to compare the densities of different liquids where we filled a glass with honey, washing up liquid, water with food colouring and vegetable oil. The differences in density were very clear and we also enjoyed the rainbow effect it gave! 

Well done for a fabulous week Year 5. Have a lovely weekend! 


Year 6 

This week has certainly helped us to put our Raj Resilience skills into practice. I have been extremely impressed with the resilience and dedication to their learning that I have seen from the children. We have continued to read Street Child and find out more about Dr Barnardo and the important work he has done for the children. We have ended out week by writing a letter to him to try and persuade him to come and help us. In Maths, we made a great start to our revision and maths assessments and then we continued with our decimals topic looking at the relationship between decimals and fractions. In History, we learnt about the Great Reform Act and how this changed Victorian politics and in Science, we looked at life cycles, comparing the life cycles on insects and amphibians. We have continued in PSHE learning about resilience and improving our skills. To top it all off we have even had time for some art in the style of Steven Brown. What a busy week!  

We will be continuing on with our assessments next week so please make sure you have your ‘Super Shreddies’ or ‘Work-it-out Weetabix’ as your brains will be kept busy.  

Thank you for all of your hard work and support with your remote learning over the last 2 days. We have been very impressed with the quality of the work uploaded.  

Have a lovely weekend everyone!