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Weekly Update 14/01/22

Weekly Update 14th January 2022

Year R 

 Wow! What a week! We have been very busy. In phonics we have started to learn the set 2 sounds, we have learnt ay- may I play and ee what can you see. In maths we have been making 5 in different ways and creating the number sentences to match our diagrams. In English we have been creating a story map of the Three Little Pigs, we have also written a recipe for making soup, a description of the characters and a list of materials we need to build our houses. In art we have made our own pig using a paper plate and in technology we have designed our own shoe which we hope we will make later in the term. Our student teacher taught lots of lovely lessons including a brilliant PE lesson. The children began to learn the motif for one of the songs from the ‘Jungle Book’. We need a rest now! Happy weekend!  

Year 1  

And another week flies by! This week we started a new Science topic – The Five Senses. We named sight, touch, smell, taste, and hearing and matched them to the body parts we use. In Art we explored using different media to create different lines. We used string to make spiral, zig-zag, wavy, curved and straight lines, and also bent card in different ways and printed paint to make lines. In Maths we have been learning to add by counting on and by adding the ones in teen numbers, we know that this will help us when we start to look at even bigger numbers! We have had fun in English, Sunny the Meerkat sent us a photo from the classroom and then different places across Europe! We then wrote postcards as if we were Sunny on our travels. We have started a new computing topic and have been looking at what technology is and how it helps us. I think we are ready for a restful weekend! 


Year 2

Another week has flown by!  

This week we started a new History topic – The ROMANS. We will be exploring this in our English lessons too and have looked in detail at the Colosseum. Once we have collated all of our facts, we will write our very own information texts to share what we have learned.  

In Maths, we have been learning to multiply and we have focused on our 2,5- and 10-times tables. Please keep up the great work and practice these at home as we need to secure them before we move into Year 3 and they will help us in all areas of mathematics. 

We have enjoyed lots of reading in different areas of the curriculum this week and some of us have especially enjoyed their sensory phonics sessions with Mrs Roberts.  

Miss Rengert has had an enjoyable first week with us and is amazed at how hard working all of the children are. I think we are ready for a restful weekend! 


Year 3 

We have made it to the end of the first full week back since Christmas and what a busy (and long) week it has been!  

In maths we have begun to use the column method for short multiplication. We have continued to read some traditional tales in English and have been working on our comprehension skills. In science we started our work on the digestive system by looking at our teeth and the different functions that they have. We have been thinking about the benefits of being organised in PSHE. In RE we have looked at some of the key features of Christian Churches, we have been discussing Asia as a continent in geography and used maps to locate China, India and Japan. This half term we will be looking in more detail at China and next half term will be about India and Japan. We have also started to find out about Chinese New Year, which this year falls on the first of February, when we will be doing lots of Chinese New Year activities.  

As always, please make sure that you are practising spellings and times tables with the children as often as you can and hear them read at least three times a week (daily if possible). 

Year 4 

This week in PR we have been learning how to play hockey with Miss Radford. In hockey we learnt how to hold the hockey stick, stopping and passing the ball. It was really fun! In maths we have been learning about fractions, including equivalent fractions and counting in fractions. We have found this a challenge but we have all worked very hard. In English we have been focusing on biography. We looked at different text and searched for features of biography for example third person, time words and chronological order. For Geography we have all learnt lots about London, All the different places are amazing. We chose three places and found out some interesting facts about them. We have a new board up in the classroom with London pictures on. At the moment we have the Underground, Big Ben, The Gherkin, and St Paul’s Cathedral. There is also a new TEAM ACE board. This term it’s all about enjoy. Four our enjoy we have pigs running to the puddle. SPLASH! 

(Evie and Eva) 

Year 5 

It has been a busy week as usual in Year 5. We have started our new class text 'Treasure Island.' So far, we are enjoying the storyline and have been finding evidence to support our inferences about key characters in the story. We have been practicing our summarising skills ready to write a diary entry on Monday. In maths, we have been practicing addition and subtraction written methods and have used these when solving multi-step word problems. Next week we will be focusing on multiplication and division as well as more multi-step word problems. In science, we began learning about atoms which has been complex yet interesting! In History we have started our unit on 18th Century Britain, looking at the Act of Union 1707. 

Please continue to keep up your reading spelling and times tables practice over the weekend!  

Year 6 

What a busy week it has been, this week has flown by. In Maths, this week we have been continuing to work on decimals, multiplying and dividing them and then using our skills to solve problems. In English, we have continued to read Street Child learning more about what life is like for Jim now that he is in the workhouse. In History, we learnt about a significant turning point for the Victorians which led to a time of social and political reform and in science we learnt that all living things have cells and we looked at the different components of an animal cell. We have even had time to learn more about the binary code in computing.  

Please continue to make sure you are learning your spellings and times tables at home and reading as much as you can. I’d really like to see at least 3 entries of home reading each week (daily if possible).  

Have a lovely weekend everyone.