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Weekly Update 10/12/21

Weekly Update 10th December 2021

Year R   

We have had a very busy week rehearsing for our Christmas Nativity. We hope you will agree that the children did amazingly well. We are so proud of each and every one of them. As well as all of this we have also been learning to count to, subitize and make 10. In art we have been creating Christmas scenes. On Monday we had a video recording of Father Christmas who had been captured by the Grinch so we wrote sentences and letters pleading with the Grinch to let Santa go.  Another incredibly busy week in Teddy Class.  


Year 1  

What a week we’ve had in year 1! On Monday we arrived at school to the news that the Grinch had trapped Santa in the cupboard! We all wrote letters to the Grinch to convince them to let Santa ago. Luckily our letters were very convincing and now we can begin our Christmas celebrations! In English, we innovated our instructions into how to trap an elf. We then created our own text map and even wrote the instructions. In Maths we have been comparing numbers to 20 using our <, > and = symbols. In Geography this week we went on a walk in our local area. We walked to Blunt’s Orchard drive and explored the orchard. We also drew the things we could see in our local area. We performed our Nativity this week! We have thoroughly enjoyed learning the story of Christmas and felt really proud to show our grown-ups. We can’t believe there’s only one week left! 


Year 2

It has been a great week of learning! We have been unbelievably busy, practising our singing and our words for our Christmas performance.  After the Grinch captured Father Christmas, we have been looking at different types of letters and planning some of our own. Hopefully, our fantastic writing will save the day and the Grinch will be persuaded to free Santa and let us celebrate Christmas in school. In History we had a special online lesson from a real-life historian. Please ask us about it! We have managed to begin a little Christmas crafting too, with cards, calendars and decorations and we will continue with these next week. 


Year 3 

We have had a busy week practising our singing and our words for our Christmas performance. We have managed to begin our Christmas crafting too, with cards, calendars and decorations all under way. It has been a busy week with learning too. We have been looking at different types of letters and writing some of our own. We started on Monday when the Grinch kidnapped Santa and cancelled Christmas. Luckily our fantastic writing saved the day and the Grinch was persuaded to free Santa and let us celebrate Christmas in school. We have been learning and practising the eight times table in maths (please do keep practising times tables at home). And we have been thinking about all the things that we are grateful for. 

Year 4 

Today we have been building and programming Lego models. We’ve found out that following instructions is very important! We really enjoy the Lego and it really stretches our problem-solving skills. On Monday we had to write letters to persuade the nasty Grinch to release Father Christmas from the cupboard. Luckily, we managed to convince the Grinch to let Father Christmas out so Christmas is still on. We also made eye models in design and technology. Again, a time when following instructions was important! In first aid we learnt how to help with an asthma attack. We are finding these lessons informative and it makes us feel we could help someone. In Geography we found out about the legend of Finn MacCool and how the Giant Causeway was built.  

We have also been practising some more songs for our performance for next week. It took a while to choose the songs to sing but we enjoy the ones we have chosen. 

Year 5 

This week, Year 5 arrived at school on Monday to find out that the Grinch had locked Father Christmas away in a cupboard. We each had to write a persuasive letter to encourage the Grinch to release him. Thankfully, our letters were a success!! Throughout the week, we also prepared our own presentations to deliver to the class in response to the question ''Who does the Holy Land belong to?' Everyone worked extremely hard on this mini-project and the presentation skills were fantastic! 

In Maths, we have been looking at finding the area and perimeter of regular and irregular shapes as well as some work on short division. In Science, we have been learning about warm and cold fronts. We are excited to learn a little more about thunderstorms and extreme weather in our next lesson! 

Year 5 have also been getting into the Christmas spirit this week rehearsing for their dojo performances. We hope you all enjoy watching them next week! 


Year 6 

What a busy week it has been, Christmas has well and truly landed. Well, actually It was nearly cancelled. The Grinch locked Father Christmas in a cupboard on Monday and wouldn’t let him out unless we persuaded him too. We wrote some brilliant persuasive letters and luckily Father Christmas was released so Christmas is back on!  

In Maths, we have finished our unit on fraction and we are completing our short position and direction unit before Christmas. In English, the children have been busy writing a newspaper article about Nancy’s tragic murder. In RSHE, we had a look at the effect of media messages and how they can affect how people feel and what they do. 

Next week, there will be no intervention or after school football club. 

Our PE day will be Wednesday (so please wear suitable PE clothes, this can include a Christmas jumper/top) as on Friday 17th December you are welcome to collect your child from 1.15pm. All staff will remain on site until the usual collection time of 3.15. 

Have a lovely weekend everyone, please keep an eye on Class Dojo for any Christmassy updates.