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Weekly Update 26/11/21

Weekly Update 26th November 2021

Year R 

What a wonderful week here in Teddy Class, we have been text mapping ‘Supertato’ and acting in role as the characters to help us understand what the main characters are like. We have also had the chance to be police officers, firefighters, shopkeepers, performers, vets, dog groomers, postal workers, doctors, opticians, gardeners, mechanics, builders, waitresses and chefs at Petite Street. It was a very exciting and valuable experience and the bus journey was a big hit! In maths, we have been learning about and making 8. In art we have been creating water colour sunsets and in RE we have continued to learn about the work of Jesus. A very exciting week.  

 Year 1 

Year 1 have been as busy as ever this week! In Maths we have been looking at the names and properties of 2D and 3D shapes. We have enjoyed sorting shapes in different ways and have been hunting for different shapes around the class and playground. This was our last week looking at The Legend of George and the Dragon in English. Miss Kirk challenged us to write some of the story and we practised reading back our writing to check it made sense. Miss Kirk was very impressed with how our writing improved over the week! In Science we became weather reporters and in History we learned about a set of rules Kings and Queens had to follow: The Magna Carta. We then wrote our own list of rules for a King or Queen. We are looking forward to starting new Maths and English topics next week. 

Year 2

 We’ve had another awesome week in Year 2! We had some special visitors in school this week and the children worked exceptionally hard to show them our TEAM ACE values  - In PE we did gymnastics and all sorts of jumps. We learnt about the pharaohs and wrote a detailed diary entry as a world-famous Egyptian explorer, all about our amazing discovery of an ancient tomb in history!  In English we are working so hard to complete our traditional tales and illustrate them too. In mathematics, we have focused on the addition of money and also recalling our 2s,5s and 10 times tables.  

Our hunt of alien evidence has continued...we have found more cryptic notes which we have been interpreting during phonics.  

Year 3 

What a week! And it isn’t even Friday yet! We have been as busy as ever in Year 3. We have been working really hard on our three times tables and the related division facts in maths. We have written our non-chronological reports in English, using all the research we have done over the last couple of weeks. We have found out about Alexander the Great in history. In PSHE we have been thinking about different types of feelings and how we manage them. We have been working really hard on our dance in PE. We found out the names of some of the world’s most important rivers. And to end our busy week we are really looking forward to our trip to the Fitzwilliam Museum tomorrow. 

Year 4 

We’ve had a great week in Year 4. In PE we did gymnastics and all sorts of jumps. We learnt about the eye and the different parts of the eye in Science. We found out how Hindu’s worship at the mandir and at home. In English we started learning about historical stories. We used a story written by Thomas Herbert, an attendant to Charles I, about the execution of Charles I. We had no idea that Miss Radford wrote it but there were some real events and people included. In maths we have focused on the 9x table.  

We have started practicing ‘22 sleeps ‘til Santa’ for the Fenland Youth Radio. 

(written by Scarlet and Ava) 

Year 5 

We have had a great week in Year 5! We have been planning to write an explanation text about the Crusades and how they began. We spent some time researching the Holy Land and gathering additional key information to support our writing. We will then use these plans to write our own texts next week! 

In Maths, we started looking at long multiplication where we have been learning how to multiply 2-digit numbers by 2-digit numbers. It has been a little challenging with the added steps but this is only our first time looking at it and it will take some practice! 

This week, we also had our final Young Leaders sessions. We have all learned some great tips and tricks for leading groups with and without equipment. Well done to all involved! 

Year 6 

Another week has passed us by, and what a great week it has been! In Maths, we have been adding and subtracting fractions converting them by using our knowledge of the lowest common multiple. In English, we have been finding out all about Charles Dickens and then we have written a report all about him. Next week, we are going to start reading Oliver Twist. In History, we have learnt more about the Victorian Era and in Science we have learnt about how photosynthesis helps plants to grow. We have also covered our first sessions of appropriate online communication and we have even had time to look at UK Geography. What a busy week!  

Have a lovely weekend everyone.