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Weekly Update 22/10/21

Weekly Update 22nd October 2021

Year R  

What an amazing first half term in Teddy class. We are all so proud of how well they have settled, learnt to follow the school rules and been amazing learners. This week we have been writing to and receiving letters and messages from Bob (the man in the moon). We even saw a rocket crash and an alien space landing. Mrs Fisher dropped an egg box in maths so we had to find different combinations of broken and not broken eggs to make 6. In art we painted still life pictures of pumpkins and pine cones and in science we have continued to learn more about the Earth and this week, we learnt why we have seasons. What an amazing week and an outstanding first half term! 


Year 1  

A lovely week to finish the first half term in Rousseau class. In English we have been writing and retelling our new innovated story. In Maths we have continued looking at the addition sign and this week we have been counting on. We use our head and our fingers to do this. Maybe we could show you when we get home. In Geography Miss Corbett organised a treasure hunt for us as we have been looking at maps. We finished our first Music topic with the song Hey You! Miss Kirk is very impressed with how well we have improved finding the pulse and our timing when playing the glockenspiel. Today has been very special, we have loved dressing up and really enjoyed pumpkin bowling! 


Year 2

The highlight of our week, this week, was definitely yesterday’s Alien CRASH landing! We learnt how astronauts returned from space and safely re-entered the Earth. We made purposeful, functional, appealing changes to our space crafts for our Gingernauts and Jellynauts to safely return home as we launched them from the Phonics bus! We have worked exceptionally hard in English -writing our own space stories, concentrating on sentence structure and presentation. We have also shown that we can all now use a number line to support our addition of larger numbers. We have read tons too, in guided reading, during ERIC time and of our class reader, and this is really helping our learning across all curriculum subjects. Today, we have enjoyed some fabulous treats planned by FOSA, we had a go at pumpkin bowling and the winners of the pumpkin carving competition were announced. Well done everyone! It was a busy but thoroughly enjoyable week and a brilliant end to the half term.  Have a well-deserved break this week and I look forward to awarding children that take up Mr Newman’s reading challenge. 


Year 3 

The highlight of our week, this week, was definitely yesterday’s Greek Day. We looked at the relief carving from the Parthenon frieze and produced our own carvings in relief on bars of soap. We found out that pots were really important to the Greeks and made some of our own. We talked about the different foods that they grew and ate and tasted some food. Some were popular with the children, others not so much!! They were all really good at trying new things and most of them found something that they hadn’t tried before that they liked. After lunch we re-enacted the story of the Wooden Horse of Troy. We had a mini-Olympics where we had running, jumping and throwing competitions and our winners were crowned with laurel leaves. To finish the day, we created our own mosaics in paper and paint. It was a busy but thoroughly enjoyable day and a brilliant end to the half term.  


Year 4 

This week we have been very busy writing a story about the witches from Macbeth. We have been thinking about what they would do next. We planned our story; wrote an interesting start; completed our first draft; edited our work and then wrote a best copy. These will be going into our Writing Progress books so we can see how much we have improved. 

In maths we have been completing our assessments and learning how to multiply numbers by 100. Miss Radford gets annoyed if we say ' add two zeros' because we know this will not help us with decimals.  

In Geography we looked at the different lines used to help navigate the globe - these included the Equator, Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn.   

Yesterday we voted for our new Head Boy and Head Girl. We found it hard to make a decision and we were impressed with all the presentations. 

Everyone looks rather scary today! We are looking forward to playing pumpkin bowling and finding out who has won the pumpkin competition. 


Year 5 

We have had a busy week planning, writing and editing our own spooky narratives in English. We all then wrote a neat copy in pen to go into our Progress in Writing books so that we can see how much our writing has improved over the years. 

In Maths, we have been focusing on word problems and identifying the steps needed in order to solve them. We had to draw on our knowledge of all four operations in order to come up with our final answers. 

In Geography, we looked into the climate and different biomes of New Zealand. We also spent some time learning about the Kiwi bird and the threat that Stoats pose. 

Finally, it was great to see so many fabulous costumes today! We hope you all have a lovely half-term break and look forward to seeing you all refreshed and ready after the holidays! 


Year 6 

What a busy week we have had, this week has flown by. The children have worked very hard on their Progress in Writing; they have been writing a modern-day chapter for ‘Around the World in Eighty Days’. I have been very impressed by the amount that the children have written.  In Maths, we have continued our multiplication and division unit looking at factors and multiples. In History, we have finished our unit on the Industrial Revolution and we are looking forward to our next unit.  

CONGRATULATIONS to our new Head Boy, Deputy Head Boy, Head Girl and Deputy Head Girl! It was such a close vote and I am extremely proud of everyone who put themselves forwards. It took great courage and resilience and I know how hard the children worked.  

Today, we have enjoyed some fabulous treats planned by FOSA, we had a go at pumpkin bowling and the winners of the pumpkin carving competition were announced. Well done everyone!  

Homework this half term – reading (please read at least 5 times and record it in your reading record) and keep learning your times tables. The more fluent you are the more this will help you in maths this year. 

Once again, thank you for all of your support this half term, have a lovely holiday. Stay safe x