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Weekly update 15/10/21

Weekly Class Update - 15th October 2021

Year R  

We have been continuing to learn about the planets and our solar system, we have painted the Earth. In phonics we have learnt 4 new sounds, b, f, e and l. Our writing is improving and we are working really hard to use the correct letter formation. In maths we have been making 5, subitising it, counting it and writing it. We have finished working on ‘Whatever Next’ and this week we read ‘How to catch a star’, we designed a star catcher, we had some great ideas. We also watched an animation called ‘La Luna’ we talked about how even though there were no words we could tell exactly what was going on. We also designed our own rocket and next week we are going to make the designs using junk.  


Year 1  

In Rousseau class this week we have moved from recapping set 1 phonics to set 2 and are working hard on recognising our special friends. We have really enjoyed English this week. We have innovated our Bear Hunt story and changed the settings and onomatopoeias. We have also learnt about adjectives and used these to describe our new settings. In Maths we have been working with part whole models and using them to help us write addition number sentences. With our knowledge of what makes a good map, in Geography this week drew our own maps of the classroom. So we have had a very busy week and can’t believe we’re nearly half way through the term! 



Year 2

We have had a really great week in Year 2. In English we have continued to read about Bob’s journey into space, imagining that we were an astronaut and what it would be like. We have been busy adding 1-digit numbers to 2-digit numbers in maths and using resources to help us. We watched some clips about space travel which we found really interesting. We have been using our KNOWLEDGE ORGANISORS (attached) to reinforce our learning and about the Sun and our Solar system and to support our vocabulary choices when we write.  

We have continued to read our class reader- The Twits by Roald Dahl. We found it particularly hilarious that Mr Twit caught some naughty boys who got their bottoms stuck up with Hug-Tight glue, up in the big dead tree! Everyone is reading so much more at home which is really supporting our work in class. Please keep this up! Remember to practices your spellings and have a super weekend everyone. 


Year 3 

We have had a really enjoyable week in Year 3. In English we have retold the Greek myth, Theseus and the Minotaur, imagining that we were Theseus. We have been busy partitioning numbers in maths to help us to add and subtract them. Even though it has been assessment week and we have had a number of assessments to complete, we have still had time to fit in lots of other work. We watched some videos about children making unsafe choices on the internet and the children were brilliant at spotting their errors and making suggestions for what they could have done differently. Using what we have learnt about Athens and Sparta the children also decided where they would rather have lived and were able to explain why. As a class we have been reading Sheep-pig and Babe has come to visit us in our classroom. We have really been enjoying the story up until the latest instalment when the story took a rather sad turn of events! 


Year 4 

We had a fantastic day at Banham Zoo. We watched the bird flying display where we met Yogi a great grey owl with very fluffy legs; a hawk called Goldie and a kookaburra called Sid who could catch things in his beak. We also saw penguins, meerkats, otters, tigers, cheetahs and the sloths – who were awake and rather fast.  

We did a solo in our recorder lessons. It was good to do that. In PE we played Hedgehog Football where we roll the ball to each other.   In PHSE we used our initiative to make a decision to watch a film on Friday afternoon. We are really looking forward to this.  

Also this week we have been doing some assessments to see what we know and what Miss Radford needs to teach us. We have all done our best.  


Year 5 

We have had a busy week completing our first assessments of Year 5. As well as completing our assessments, we began writing our own report about a native Australian animal. Next week, we plan to create a dot art piece inspired by our chosen Australian animal to go with it. In Maths, we gathered our own data which we then represented in bar charts and line graphs. 

In RSHE, we had our first lesson on the emotional rollercoaster of puberty. We discussed the variety of emotions that we may experience and the links with hormones. To end this lesson, we created 'Emotional Storms'. It was very calming to watch the glitter and sequins settle after the 'storm' phase! In Science, we made model lungs and were then able to see clearly what happens when we inhale and exhale. It was interesting to see the balloon inflate when we pulled down on the diaphragm! 

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Please practice your spellings, times tables and continue to read with an adult at home! Don't forget the Homework Bingo board too! 


Year 6 

Another great week in Year 6. The children have been working hard on their Progress in Writing piece this week, planning and drafting their own modern-day chapter from Around the World in Eighty Days. Next week, we will be editing these and producing our final copies. In Maths, we have been working on our division skills this week, true resilience was shown by many on Wednesday with long division. In History, we have looked at the significance of the invention of the railways in the Industrial Revolution and how this changed our lives. Finally, in Science, we have concluded our class experiment on iron oxide and been quite surprised by the results.  

This week the children have also been working hard on their Head Boy and Head Girl speeches, we have had some lovely ones recorded already. Please ensure if you are recording at home that these are on Dojo by Monday for me to download ready for the staff to share with their classes ahead of election day.  

Have a lovely weekend everyone.