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Allergy Awareness Week

With the warmer weather coming (hopefully!), and the field opening up to our children, it is not unusual to see an increase in allergy symptoms appearing. 

On Monday, in conjunction with Allergy Awareness Week, our children were involved in a special assembly to raise awareness of this topic, including what an allergy is and the symptoms that may occur. Children from across the school performed role plays to show how we can help each other to manage these symptoms and seek help if needed. Thank you to the children and staff, Mrs Wilkin and Miss Payne who led the assembly and subsequent discussions.

With this in mind, can we please remind you to inform the office of any new allergies (yes, they do sometimes randomly appear!) and remind you all that we are a nut free school. As well as pupils with allergies, a member of our school staff has a severe nut allergy. 

If you require any further information, please check out this website: where you will find further information, advice and support.