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NSPCC Number Day

Today we celebrated NSPCC Number Day. It is a nationally recognised event, with children across the country getting involved. Thank you for your donations, we raised just under £40.00, which will help the NSPCC run its Speak out Stay safe programme to help children understand what abuse is and what to do if they're scared or worried.
Staff dressed up for a fun-filled assembly which Val cook, our Chair of the Academy Committee joined us for.

Our Reception class were CONSERVATIONISTS for the day, weighing animals and counting animals while recording using tallies and charts.

Mrs Kirk and Year 1 became CHEFS, exploring repeating fractions, patterns and quantities while making veggie sticks and dips and then pizza making exploring shape.

Mr Howe and Year 2 were OLYMPIANS, exploring mathematics in sport. They looked at measures for distance and height and number games.  

Mr Harper and Year 3 were ENGINEERS - building a bridge and seeing how much weight it could support and calculating, mass and building a tower and compete to have the tallest measuring length.

Mrs Wilkin and Year 4, were ZOO KEEPERS, exploring the area and perimeter and whether their chosen animals had sufficient space to survive.  

Mr Miller and Year 5 were SPORTS PEOPLE, exploring area and perimeter and time.

Mrs Preston and Year 6 were BUILDERS for the day, looking at mass and length, designing and building towers and bridges.

Thank you to all of the staff for working so hard to make it such a successful day and to our children for engaging fully in a full day of mathematics and having fun!