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Weekly Update 01/10/21

Weekly Class Update - 01st October 2021

Year R

 In Teddy Class this week we have had some wonderful visitors – we invited the parents in over 4 mornings this week to see a phonics lesson, a maths lesson and complete some exploring and challenges. I think the parents were impressed! The children had to look after and watch them closely while they were hammering golf tees into potatoes. In phonics we recapped ‘p’ and learnt ‘g’ and ‘o’. In maths we have been learning to write, find, count to, subitise, make and know the value of 3. In English we started our new text ‘Whatever Next!’ We have begun to story map and perform it. In music, we have continued to compose our own space themed piece. This week we used instruments and it was amazing! We have continued our topic of the ‘Earth and Beyond’ in science and we have been learning about light sources. Another very busy week indeed! Well done Teddies! 


Year 1 

This week in Rousseau class we have been learning a new story called We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. We have been learning the story map and actions, we decided what we thought Mrs Fisher should take on a bear hunt and explored the character’s feelings. In Maths we have been ordering numbers and looking at a special type of number called ordinal numbers. In Geography we learnt about the points on a compass and know that they are used on maps. We created a 30-day pledge to transition from the carpet to tables sensibly and quietly. We have worked really hard on it this week and have been super! 


Year 2

What a fun filled week year 2! I cannot believe that Mr Twit left us a voice mail on the office telephone, you were all up for his challenge and really did create some gruesome deserts to get Mrs Twit back for the ‘wormy spaghetti!’ 

We have finished our unit of work on instruction writing in English now and I’m excited that we will move onto diary writing next week.  

In Science, we used our mnemonic to help us to remember the order of the planets in our solar system and we have learnt lots of facts about the first four ‘rocky’ planets. Can you remember them?  

You have been skip counting in 2s, 5s and 10s this week. Keep practising as this will really help you with learning your times tables, which is such an important skill to have.  

It’s been amazing to see how well your magic beanstalks are growing at home. You are all doing a fantastic job of looking after them. Continue to upload your pictures to your portfolios and I will share them in class. 

A super week all round!  


Year 3  

We have been really busy in Year 3, yet again this week. We have begun to look at adding and subtracting single-digits to two and three-digit numbers in maths. We have been reading and exploring a range of Greek Myths during story time and during out English lessons. The children have been looking and listening closely to see if they could find similarities and themes within them. As well as Ancient Greek myths we have also been finding out about what life was like in Athens. We have continued to find out about life cycles and this week we have looked at the life cycle of frogs. We have also been thinking about e-safety and how to communicate safely online. 


Year 4 

We have been in the hall this week but we have still worked very hard and continued our learning. We also had our first recorder lesson with Mrs Wheeler - we really enjoyed it. 

In art we were using colour to show light and dark. In maths we have been adding and subtracting 4 digit numbers using the efficient column methods. We have started to learn about Macbeth in English and link it to our history work on James I. Some of us think he was a good king; some think he was a bad king, but most of us think he was ok.  

We hope to be back in our classroom early next week. 


Year 5 

This week, we started our work on the Aboriginal Dreamtime stories. We looked at 'The Rainbow Serpent' in detail and summarised it by creating our own storyboards. We then went on to plan and write our own mini dreamtime story. There were some fantastic messages relayed through these stories! 

In Maths, we continued with Roman Numerals, specifically looking at reading and writing dates. We then moved on to mental calculation strategies. 

Today, we have had a fantastic day taking part in the Technology Tournament where we constructed our own bridges, following a brief. Our bridges had to take the weight of two squirrels (miniature) and withstand strong winds. Year 5 and 6 both produced some great bridges which made judging very tricky! 


Year 6 

What a fabulous day we have had today. Today, we took part in a Technology Tournament run by the Rotary Club. We had to construct our own bridges, following a brief. Our bridges had to take the weight of two squirrels (miniature) and withstand strong winds. Year 5 and 6 both produced some great bridges which made judging very tricky! 

In other news, Year 6 have tried really hard with their assessments this week. They really showed resilience and all the prior knowledge they have stored up. We will use these to inform intervention groups and to support our planning over the coming term.  

Again, a big thank you for your support with reading and spelling at home. Please do check your child’s reading record for their score and don’t forget to practise at home, it does make a big difference. 

Have a lovely weekend everyone, see you on Monday!