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Year 3 Ancient Egyptian Day

Year 3 were transported to Ancient Egypt! They dressed up in their best Egyptian outfits in preparation for their day of learning all about the Ancient Egyptians. 

The children learned about Tutankhamun, the Pharos and highlighted lots of interesting facts about Ancient Egypt. The class also got to see a real pair of Ancient Egyptian shoes, which could have been worn by an Egyptian many, many years ago. To finish the day off, all our Year 3 children were asked challenging questions about the topics they had learnt throughout the day, this included Tutankhamun, the Pyramids as well as life in the desert.

The children had a wonderful day and especially enjoyed seeing their teachers in costume.

“Today, I bandaged my body and became a mummy. We did lots of different activities, my favourite was writing my name in hieroglyphs.” Frankie Year 3 Thank you to all our staff who organised and led a fabulous day!