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  • Weekly Update 24/06/22

    Published 24/06/22

    Weekly Update 24th June 2022 

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  • Weekly Update 17/06/22

    Published 17/06/22

    Weekly Update 17th June 2022

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  • weekly Update 10/06/22

    Published 10/06/22

    Weekly Update 10th June 2022

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  • Queen's Jubilee at Edith Blunt Orchards

    Published 26/05/22

    Celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee at Edith Blunt Orchards

    Can you create an artistic masterpiece using only natural resources at the orchard?

    Upwell Academy challenge you get creative during the half term break and create a Jubilee themed piece of art. All entries will be entered into a draw for a chance to win some art goodies. There will be prizes for the first 5 names drawn so please return your entries by 8.6.22. To enter either add a photograph of your entries to your portfolio or send to Miss Ellington at By entering you give permission for the picture of your art work to be displayed at the orchard and on the Edith Blunt media pages. If you would prefer not to then please include this with your entry.

    All we ask is that you do not pick the flowers or plants. Thank you and Good Luck! Miss Ellington

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  • Weekly Update 20/05/22

    Published 20/05/22

    Weekly Update 20th May 2022

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  • Weekly Update 13.05.22

    Published 13/05/22

    Weekly Update 13th May 2022

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  • Weekly Update 06.05.22

    Published 06/05/22

    Weekly Update 06th May 2022

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  • Weekly Update 29/04/22

    Published 29/04/22

    Weekly Update 29th April 2022

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  • Weekly Update 01/04/22

    Published 01/04/22
    Weekly Update 01th April 2022
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  • Weekly Update 25.03.22

    Published 25/03/22

    Weekly Update 25th March 2022

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  • Weekly Update 18.03.22

    Published 25/03/22

    Weekly Update 18th March 2022

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  • Football Tournament

    Published 17/03/22
    Downham Cluster Football Tournament 15th March 2022
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