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Year 6 Weekly Round up Archive

28th May 2021

Another super week in Year 6 and finally fractions are finished.....yay! They have also completed a short unit on instructional writing too.

The children love their Leavers Hoodies, thank you so much FOSA. I will share some photos after the half term.

The children and staff have definitely worked hard and are ready for the half term break.
I wish you all a break filled with relaxation, fun and sun!

21st May 2021

Lots and lots of fraction work, it's going well.

Clay work has been a messy experience but fun. We have been doing linear perspectives on a clay slab.

Completed our termly progress in writing and the focus was a picture.  We needed to create suspense.

In computing we have been using scratch and writing our own game programmes.

Also having lots of fun at lunchtime playing rounders with Mrs Stacey.

After a hard week we are all very tired.


14th May 2021

In Year 6 we have been:

Using Short division which has been getting easier and we were fantastic today at long division.

Using modal verbs and relative clauses in our writing.

Enjoying down time at break and lunchtime.

Releasing birds from the bus!!! (It wasn't on the timetable either)

Creating spreadsheets in computing.  Some of us enjoyed this but some thought it was just okay.

We also completed the 'Big ask' which is a survey from the children's commissioner.

We also independently planned a 'protest' and presented it to Mrs Norman.

Great public speaking skills and I will give it my full consideration!


7th May 2021

It’s been another super week Year 6.

You have been recapping square and cubed numbers in maths and learning about spreadsheets in computing. And I’m sure I heard ‘Lean on me’ coming from your classroom too during a music lesson.

Today we had an assembly introduced by Any and Dec,

‘Speak out, stay safe’ with Buddy.  We also played some games at in the Buddy Zone.  One was a series of questions which told you what sort of friend you were.  They were tricky questions and certainly made us stop and think!  Would you tell your friend if you didn’t like what they were wearing?