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Year 4 Weekly Round Up Archive


28th May 2021

This week we have been busy learning about Hinduism and the different gods that Hindus worship. We found this quite fascinating!
We have also been extremely busy completing assessments in English and Maths. The Year 4 team would like to say a massive well done to you all for your tremendous effort in these, despite some challenging questions!
In Guided Reading, we have been discussing secrets and when it might be appropriate to keep something a secret and when not to. Miss Riches was very surprised as we managed to keep a secret for the whole week, surprising her with a beautiful thank you card and flowers. She loved it! 😊
Finally, to end the week, we decided on our activities for Friday’s lessons. We ended up watching a number of short films and reviewing them. In Maths, we worked on our arithmetic skills and then ended the day playing dodgeball in PE.

21st May 2021

This week we continued with the theme of rainforests and wrote a persuasive letter to the loggers, persuading them to preserve the rainforests. On Monday, we will look at editing and uplevelling our letters.

Music was exciting this week as we got to hear Mr Seales play the flute and clarinet during our recorder lessons. We were very impressed!

Our maths lessons this week were preparing us for our arithmetic assessment which we completed today.

We have also made a start on planning our own ‘takeover’ day where we will run the English and Maths lessons for the day – Miss Riches is looking forward to seeing some final plans next week!


14th May 2021

This week we had a large focus on our new persuasive writing unit on the topic of saving the rainforests. We worked in small groups to produce persuasive posters which included plenty of examples of emotive language and rhetorical questions!

In maths, we took a break from fractions to look at decimals. This included multiplying and dividing numbers by 10 and 100 to create a decimal or a whole number.

In PSHE, we had a mini wedding where we looked at some vows and discussed reasons why people may choose to get married but also the fact it is always a choice.

7th May 2021

It has been a busy week in Lynx class this week! We worked on writing the final neat copies of our Norse myths to add to our class book. Some of us have started reading our classmates’ myths during ERIC already!

We have had another look at fractions this week and are becoming more confident when adding and subtracting fractions, as well as finding fractions of quantities!

In PSHE, we each created a ‘Jar of me’ using 4 layers of coloured rice to represent what makes us who we are as individuals. When we placed them all together, it was beautiful to see how unique we all are as well as to celebrate our similarities and differences!

On Friday, we all wore green in aid of the NSPCC. We enjoyed watching the NSPCC assembly with Ant and Dec which led to some great discussions on the topic! Friday was also NSPCC Number Day so we applied our maths skills to compete in ‘Who Wants to be a Mathionaire?’ in addition to completing a range of number-related activities