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Year 2 Weekly Round Up Archive


28th May 2021

What an exciting week we have had in Cygnet class!

We have begun to look at our new topic, space. I am impressed with your prior knowledge and enthusiasm on this. Who can remember how many planets there are? We are going to have so much fun after the holidays in this topic!

The highlight of the week was definitely our class pledge treat. You did so well walking in your pairs and it was   lovely seeing your smiling faces climbing the trees. Who is ready to earn the next 10 gems for the ultimate pledge  treat?!

We hope you have a wonderful and restful half-term holiday and we will see you soon.

21st May 2021

We have had another great week, Year 2.

You have been working extremely hard in your maths and English challenges this week and you have shown such resilience, well done.

In maths we looked at clockwise and anticlockwise following on from our lessons in right and left. I was very impressed with your knowledge. Here is a short clip as a reminder!

We are coming towards the end of our Viking topic, we have been learning about Viking Gods and the Battle of Hastings this week. Can you name some Viking Gods below?

I am looking forward to next week and the start of our new topic; what could it be?!


14th May 2021

Another magnificent week Year 2. 

You have shown a lot of resilience in our English work, researching and writing about inventions and the  inventors and how things work. We used the National Geographic site to explore inventions which had specific interest to us. 

In Maths we are focusing on direction, knowing our left from right and being able to give clear and concise instructions and we will extend this in our home learning this week too. 

We have been finalising the construction of our Viking long boats and I think you will all agree they are really impressive. Keep up the super work!


7th May 2021

We have had a really enjoyable week in Cygnet class. Earlier in the week we designed our own milkshake machines and explained how they would work. We had some very innovative designs.  

We shared Viking poetry in history yesterday and created actions to help us to remember them.  

In maths, we have enjoyed looking at measures, and today we have applied our math’s skills on NSPCC number day by using junk modelling to build our inventions, carefully measuring out the different parts of the design.  

Well done!