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Welcome to Upwell Academy’s Newsletter page.  School newsletters are issued on the last Friday of every month and will be uploaded to this page. Hard copy newsletters are also available from the school office.


Newsletter 30th Nov 2018

Newsletter 31st Oct 2018

Newsletter 28th Sept 2018



Newsletter 19th Oct 2017

Newsletter 29th Sept 2017

Newsletter 24th Nov 2017

Newsletter 18th December 2017

Newsletter 31st January 2018

Newsletter 28th Feb 2018

Newsletter 28th March 2018

Newsletter 30th April 2018

Newsletter 25th May 2018

No June edition of our newsletter, however we will have a bumper July edition!

Newsletter 23rd July 2018


Archive Newsletter from March 2017

Newsletter 3rd March 2017

Newsletter 31st March 2017

Newsletter 5th May 2017

Newsletter 9th June 2017

Newsletter July 2017

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Table of results – Parent Survey 2017