Academy council

The purpose of our academy council is to:

  • Listen to everyone’s ideas, from Reception class to Year 6
  • Find out what all the children think about the school and ways we can improve it
  • Discuss ideas which will help to improve the school for all children
  • Act as role models, showing good manners and respectful behaviour
  • Discuss the core values, looking for good examples and sharing them with our classes
  • Help new children to settle in

Meet our Head Girl & Head Boy

Head Girl – Taya Bell

My name is Taya. I am 10 years old and Head Girl at Upwell Academy.

I am currently in year 6 and have really enjoyed my time at this school.  I wanted to become Head Girl because I thought that I could help made some good changes to the school.  I felt very honoured to be elected by the pupils and hope that I am able to do them and myself proud.

I enjoy most subjects at school but some of my favourites are maths, art and PE.  I have represented the school in cross county, area sports, swimming and most recently maths master classes at Downham Market Academy.  Outside of school I enjoy gymnastics.

One of the changes I hoped to make to the school was to improve the garden as I wanted us to be able to do more outdoor learning, and see wildlife outside rather than on ipads and in books.  I hope that as the weather improves this will become possible.

We have already made one fabulous change to the school.  This was made by the Deputy Head Boy and we are now able to wear non-uniform when it is someone’s birthday.  Everyone is loving this change.  I hope we have the same reaction to other changes.


Head Boy – Mitchell Sharman

My name is Mitchell and I am 10 years old.

I wanted to become Head Boy because I have been on the school council and I felt it was really important.  I also wanted to be Head Boy because I wanted to represent the school and make other pupils happy and enjoy coming to school.  I am really impressed with the pupil’s attitude towards me.

One of my aims is to tidy the garden and have an outdoor learning area.  Also, we need to have more clubs for Key Stage 1.

I am having an amazing time being Head Boy and am enjoying the experience.  Thank you to everyone who voted for me.


Our School Council Represtative 2017/2018

Governor Representative: Mrs Harnwell
Teacher Representative: Mrs Preston